Optimized Brain Tumor Imaging

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Description: Brain tumor imaging: Blood-brain barrier (BBB) separates vital organs from external cues and harmful substances in the environment. These barriers safeguard key physiological processes in tissue corresponding organ. Understanding blood–tissue barriers has significance due to the difficulties faced by clinicians in early detection and treating various diseases, such as brain tumor and neurodegenerative disease. BBB breakdown has been used as a significant marker for these diseases. Moreover, the severity of various diseases is proportional to the degree of BBB disruption. The subtle disruption of the BBB provides a measure of that various diseases at the early stage. Interest in the role of the BBB has surged in the past 10 years as an increasing number of neurological diseases have been linked to BBB disruption. There remains an unmet need to develop novel method to estimating subtle change of BBB disruption. We developed and optimized novel post-contrast T1-weighted protocol for brain tumor imaging. As a result, we can detect the small BBB disruption in the patients with brain tumor using ultra-high isotropic spatial resolution of 0.7 mm without the penalty of scan time.


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